Listen ladies...

It’s high time we as women (the greatest consumers on the planet) learn as much as we can about how to spend money, budget, save and invest our money.  Only then, can we achieve independent wealth and financial well being. Grow Your Business Network is proud to introduce Independently Wealthy Women.


What does it mean to be an Independently Wealthy Woman?

It means having the freedom to live a life that affords good health, peace of mind and confidence as a woman.  It means knowing what to do if I need or want more from my life.  It also allows you to have choice and flexibility when it comes to where you want to spend my money.  It offers you more opportunities to make more money by investing wisely with what we have and finally, it provides flexibility – a key ingredient in living a life filled with options and the creation of great memories for ourselves and our families.  It’s also a great way to provide a lasting legacy – should we choose to for the ones who are near and dear to us.

What are the exact steps to becoming Independently Wealthy?

It's really about doing the right thing - consistently - over time.  We girls need to get a clue and stick together here.  We’re among the best and the brightest in this category and we need to start sharing the wealth with each other – literally and figuratively.  The first step to becoming Independently Wealthy is to understand where our finances stand today and where we want them to be tomorrow.  Basic understanding of financial terms are imperative and until we take responsibility for our financial well-being – we’re likely to fall monetarily ill in the short- and long-term. 

Why is it important for women to learn to financially thrive on their own?

Take it from one who’s been there, done that.  Two incomes are often better than one, however, you could find yourself (or have chosen) to be a financially Independent Woman!  Good for you.  Now we have to maximize what we do know about money and make some decisions about how to make it work for us and not be a slave to the almighty dollar.

We believe every woman should attend out series.  Is this you?
  • You want to get a better handle on your finances now and moving forward.
  • You know it’s better to know for sure you can rely on yourself to take care of yourself.
  • You’re a role model for other women in your life who you want to teach to effectively manage their money.
  • You want to obtain wealth by your definition (whatever that is) and learn the how-to, practical steps to apply (that action word again) to achieve your financial goals.

What results can you expect?

  • To benefit from the experience of others who have gone before you
  • Learn from their mistakes and financial triumphs and apply them to your life
  • Take steady action in reaching your financial goals.
  • Be accountable to yourself to obtain
  • Exercise consistency when it comes to managing your money and taking control of your expenses, investments and short and long-term spending.